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Social Media Marketing Agency Australia

Social media marketing has a 100% higher close rate as compared to outbound marketing. In this digital age, it is only wise that you interact with your target audience directly and efficiently to drive home your brand goals. Social media marketing companies would help you with this. By posting articles, blogs, videos, images, and content updates, you can reach your potential customers and help gain their trust and interest. SMM raises brand awareness, builds conversions, creates trademark identity and increases website traffic to improve communication with your key audience. Telco100 being an SMM company know the market demand and other technicalities. We understand the concerns related to business growth hence provide marketing to the business through social media platform to gain maximum visibility.

Why we Use Social Media Marketing?

SMM, when used the right way, can help grow your business rapidly. Some of its benefits include:

  • Drives Targeted Traffic: Creating a new page and channelling content the proper way can attract the attention of key customers. Posting relatable and useful information can gain a lot of followers and earn a solid audience base.
  • Boosts SEO: With the right content strategy for site’s SEO, we can drive the traffic to your enhanced pages so that it climbs to the top rankings in search engine result pages.
  • Targets and Retargets: Owing to the highly customised nature of social media advertisements, we can target specific users by means of their purchase history, location, pages they’ve liked, etc. We also have the option of retargeting the users that frequently visit website by installing a pixel on your site.
  • Immediate Response: SMM allows interacting with audience directly- hence, we can get their feedback and respond to their problems and complaints accordingly. People appreciate the immediate response of companies, which can add a positive edge to the business.

The Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing:

A local business or company needs specific and effective marketing strategies to compete with the larger companies. Here are some tips to make local businesses successful by telco100:

  • Register your business with local search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing local. It will help gain you local links as well as get benefit from the targeted traffic.
  • Participate in local forums, guest blog in community blogs, and register with city websites to get a back link to your target website in return.
  • Request back links from local websites to get a product review and submit your profile to local news websites for a greater target.

With beneficial digital marketing strategies and specialist skills, Telco100 is your best choice for a business marketing agency. We apply the best consultants, tactics, and policies to make your business hit the mark in a very short period of time.